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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help patients realise their dream of parenthood. We deliver high quality,comprehensive care for infertility in an environment that addresses the personal needs and privacy of every patient


Fertility: Making Your Dreams a Reality

Trying to conceive can be a long and emotional journey. 80% of couples who start infertility treatment will fall pregnant.

Watch fertility expert Dawie Slabbert explain what couples struggling to conceive need to know.


Why We Do What We Do


Dr. Dawie Slabbert's practice offers couples who have been unable to achieve pregnancy the opportunity to potentially realise their dreams of parenthood.


His passion is to endevour to assist patients in achieving pregnancy in a professional, supportive and pleasant environment.

Philosophy of Care

Infertility treatment can be invasive, expensive and emotionally trying.


Dr. Slabbert's practice gives the highest quality personalised attention, and he employs helpful, compassionate and appropriately trained staff.


He avoids expensive and unnecessary testing, which increases cost without any benefit for the patient.


Areas of Expertise

Dr. Dawie Slabberts practice treats all types of infertility,
in both males and females, simple cases, and also the most complex cases. Dr.Slabbert is an expert endoscopic surgeon and performs advanced hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgery.


Our Guiding Principles - In all aspects of our work, we demonstrate our commitment to putting patients first by:

• Delivering first world, customised treatment for infertility;

• Providing a warm and compassionate environment where   privacy and individual needs of patients are respected;

• Embracing teamwork and working together in a    collaborative, professional manner.

• Fertility Specialist
• Comprehensive Care
• Privacy Guaranteed
• Professional Support
• Personalised Attention

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